Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Islands in the Sun

Birds standing in water, like these Lesser Yellowlegs, remind of little islands. I thought I would have more opportunity to photograph them this summer, but that didn't happen.

Here are three Killdeer on little islands. They always strike me as being very worried birds. It is strange how animals can embody certain qualities.

Sometimes I take a picture that is intended to be an ornament to a photo book — if I ever do one. Like a little postage stamp-sized image at the beginning of a chapter.

A pig in a puddle

Look at this drake! How in the world can he extract anything nutritious out of that mess? Maybe a better question is, How can he extract himself from that mess? He would have to either slog out or fly. Fortunately, Mallards can take off straight up.

The green on Green-winged Teal is not green — it is neon GREEN! I wouldn't be surprised if it was glow-in-the-dark too. Teal are the last ducks to migrate and the first to return. They are already back in this area. The two in back are males.

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