Thursday, October 1, 2015


You can see some of the damage done to the deck by the trees that fell in the summer storm. We ended up replacing deck railing, the siding on one exterior wall, a window screen, the gutter and some roofing shingles along the edge of the roof.

We were also pleased with the company that did the restoration work. Because of the way the original rails were designed, there were some tricky cuts where boards had to be ripped almost their entire length. The carpenter did a great job, however, and when all was said and done, you would never know anything had happened.

Railings were the only damage to the deck with the exception of the very tops of the two posts on the left in this picture. Rather than have to remove the entire post, put in a new footer, and all the work that would have entailed, I suggested cutting the top couple of inches from the original posts and replacing it with a block of four by four. Once the entire deck is stained, it would take an expert eye to even notice the difference.

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