Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bring in the Professionals

In all the years we have owned homes, the tree damage (see yesterday's blog) was the first time we had ever made a claim. The insurance company suggested a professional tree company to remove the fallen trees. They had to be removed before the insurance claim agent could even survey the damage. In talking to the foreman, he related that they have a safety meeting every morning before working to make sure everyone has their head in the game. They even keep track of how many days have passed since the last accident and reward the crew with things like dinner at a restaurant when they reach milestones.

These guys were terrific. If you live locally and want the name of a good company, let me know. I'd be happy to recommend them. They made safety their first priority and respect for our property their second. I don't think they took more than four hours to complete the clean up. I was taking pictures from the second floor to stay out of their way and for a better perspective.

I was in awe of their chipping equipment and the little guys hauling the pieces away.

I think I found a cure for insomnia.

That is the log from the last picture being shot into the back of the truck. I didn't know you could chip logs that large! They chipped those entire trees into the back of two trucks, leaving only the base of the trees.

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