Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dining in an Intimate Atmosphere

I usually throw the ones away where the hummingbird is just sitting on the feeder with it's face in the plate eating. But, I liked this one. Notice the little toesies gripping the edge and the wings folded under her tail. Her eyes are on me as she drinks. I love that feeder! The facets in the glass always look nice and the coppery lid always reflects a good amount of light back onto the underside of the bird eliminating the problem with shadows. You can actually see a reflection of the porch where I am sitting in the glass.

The other feeder is not as photogenic.

It is pretty easy to spot the young-of-the-year. They have a very clean look to them as well as acting somewhat stupid. They don't tend to be too scary.

I had brought in the second feeder which changed the dynamic for a while, but once the hummingbirds got use to it, things returned to a routine. I decided to return this one to the original location in the kitchen window.

I almost don't like to look out at the feeder when I am not taking pictures. I hate to see something unusual that I know I will never capture. I looked out one morning and saw two hummingbird vying for the feeder. If I had opened the door to try to take pictures, they would have fled before I had the camera turned on. Instead, I took a few pictures through the window. It may be intimate, but they prefer dining alone.

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