Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Five

I do as many things as I can think of to change up the look of the hummingbird photos because the birds themselves can look so similar. The pattern in the background on this picture is the Allamanda which is a potted plant. It was sitting maybe three feet behind the feeder and created kind of an interesting, patterned background.

If you feed hummingbirds, you want to be careful not to cause the feeder to overflow because all that sweetness will attract ants on the ground and yellow jackets on the feeder. I don't know how I caused the feeder to spill on this particular day, but I took the feeder down, rinsed everything off and refilled it so there wouldn't be any problem.

I don't get very many photos of the hummingbirds at this angle, so I was pleased to get this one.

Taking photos against a different background in the shade changes the entire mood of the images. I always like the wings fully forward like this as long as they don't hide the eyes.

I suspect these two are sisters. This is not the same event as I posted recently where two were on the feeder at the same time, but it may even have been these same two. They are a little jumpy but neither one was willing to concede the feeder to the other.

Most of the time, I will throw a photo away when the bird has her back to me, but I liked the wings on this image and her head tilt. She is actually looking at me. Due to the positioning of their eyes on their head, they can see forward as well as behind them.

Well, you say, "That was six and not five." Consider the last one a bonus!

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  1. I like the one with the two 'sisters'. When we had a feeder, those guys would hover and dive bomb in and force the ones on the feeder out of the way. We never realized how aggressive they are!