Thursday, September 3, 2015

Calendar Contest

One of the banks I have an account with is having a calendar contest. The rules are fairly broad with the main requirement simply being an outdoor theme. I decided to submit some entries even though I imagine most of the submissions will be landscape-type entries.  I took this image earlier this spring in a local marsh. Normally, I don't like the type of look the water is exhibiting but, in this image, it seems to work.

The most important requirement in the contest is that the photos have to be taken in only the counties where branches of the bank are located. Most of these images were taken with a long telephoto lens which is not considered a landscape-type lens. If you are far enough away from your subject, however — and this waterman was all the way across the river, it will work. I don't title many of my photos, but I call this one "Under the Double Eagle."

I had an interesting morning filming this one, lone Snowy Egret. Something I had puzzled over for a long time became clear to me in an epiphany while I watched this bird, so it was a memorable morning. Because of the lighting on that day and it's direction, the results were very nice also.

This is the same morning as the other image with the waterman. He was pulling his eel pots. This actually was taken with a wide angle lens, often thought of as a landscape lens. If you compare this image with the other, you will see the same trees out in front of the boat along the shoreline and see how much more real estate you can cover with a wide angle lens.

This may be a warm looking image because of the warm colors, but, believe me, that morning was anything but warm. This was taken on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay on a private dock of a friend. The tug is pulling a vessel south in the shipping channel heading out the Bay. I tried to cover different seasons for the contest because you never know what season they may be a little light on entries. Plus, with so few visual clues, this could be almost any month. So, could you stare at these for an entire month?

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  1. Yes, I could. I like all of them, especially the top one. :)