Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tiny Gems from the Jewel Box

This is a little first-year male displaying his tiny ruby. That entire patterned area on his throat will become the gorget after his first molt next year.

She's like, "Whoa, look at all those meals! I can feel a sugar high coming on!"

Some of these blooms are very pretty. I like the one on the lower left.

She reminds me of a little helicopter hovering over the Torenia.

I liked this image a lot the way he is stretched out and the Allamanda blossom is framed by the bokeh in the background. I just wish his bill was showing.

The light is already minimal. I could put a polarizing filter on to cut the annoying blue-green glare on the leaves, but it would make this type of shot almost impossible to capture. So far, there hasn't been a real good solution in post processing to the glare problem in photos.

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