Monday, September 28, 2015

They Didn't Make the Cut 2

Some Great Blue Herons migrate, like snowbirds heading to Florida for the winter. Others would just as soon stick it out. I'm not sure why, because the ones that do stay, always look miserable, like they hadn't eaten a good meal in days. And, yes, this one is standing on ice.

I discovered an aerie last winter. Other people knew it was there, but the weird experience of seeing an eagle on the ground, to begin with, on two different occasions two weeks apart, made me stop and consider why I would see such a thing. You just don't see them on the ground that often. It turned out the Eagle was gathering hay for the interior of the nest.

If it had just been the geese, I wouldn't have bothered. But, it was that golden sunshine in conjunction with the geese that I couldn't resist. I remember where I took this and, come this winter, I am going to look for another opportunity to incorporate that sunlight.

Some people hate winter; I don't mind it so much. This was one of several storms last winter that dropped a few inches of snow. Our driveway is a little longer than a football field. Go out for a pass.

Snow I don't mind; ice I hate to see. The winter just before we moved here, the county experienced an ice storm that took two weeks to recover from. There were trees down all over the place and travel was almost impossible. We still have large trees around us that got bent over with ice that were never able to straighten back up, so instead of growing up, they grew sideways.

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