Thursday, September 10, 2015


Who would think that these sweet little birds could transmogrify right before your eyes within seconds from this to...

...this? It looks like it was dropped in a bucket of water and swelled up.

This one is hardly recognizable as a hummingbird! By the way, it is a good example of how it will position it's leg over it's wing to scratch instead of what I would consider more normal — scratching from under the wing.

Here she goes, just like a transformer. She started out as a bird.

This one is a like a bumble bee. "Oooh, my wings are too small to fly." Of course, it is just the angle that makes it look like her wings are foreshortened.

I look at this one and see a pompous queen. She looks like she is wearing an ermine stole.

If nothing else, it is interesting to simply watch their antics when they are sitting on the rope and I AM HOPING THEY WILL BUZZ ON OVER TO THE FLOWERS!

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