Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Disturbance in the Force

Back in June, we had a thunderstorm come through in the evening which didn't seem too different than many others we have had. Except that this one had some straight line winds in front of it that just happened to be blowing in the right direction to fell two fairly large trees in our yard.

I suspect one of the tulip poplars started to fall and took the second with it. Fortunately, they fell across the back of the house and not on the house — although they did some damage to shingles, siding and the gutter.

It could have been so much worse than it was. My wife was sitting at her computer just on the other side of the door on the right. They missed her by a little less than twenty feet. The trees missed the little fish pond in the foreground and didn't damage the glass table despite landing directly on it. It even missed a hummingbird feeder hanging in front of that window. Out of all the stuff on the back deck, two chairs had to be thrown out.

It did not damage the decking itself, but it did take out about half the railing around the deck. When I think of all the families who have lost homes this summer in the California wild fires, I consider myself very fortunate.

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