Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Crows Warning

I had taken the sash out of my second-story bathroom window.
We live on the edge of a wood and that window is ideally sited (think blind) for taking pictures without scaring the target.  After waiting for an hour or more for a fox that has been visiting our bird feeder for a couple of months, I left the camera on the tripod and the window open, intending to return later.  An hour or two passed and I came back, picked up the tripod and turned to leave.  At that moment, an agitated crow‘s cawing outside the window suddenly came to the forefront of my attention.  It had been cawing for a couple of minutes but I hadn’t really paid attention to it.   I decided to go back and look out the window to see what it was yelling about and was just in time to see the fox pictured here running as fast as it could through the woods and into my yard where it hoped to surprise a bird or squirrel near our bird feeder.  The moral of the story is to listen to the birds.

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