Monday, April 25, 2011

A Murder of Crows

Crows are like a security company for the forest.
Most people will hear crows calling out, but it won’t reach the level of consciousness.  It remains at the subconscious level.  A flock of crows is called a “murder” for good reason.  Intelligent birds, they flock together to hunt with murderous intent.  But they will also let every animal in the forest know when they have spotted another “murderer.”  I’ve seen them pester the heck out of hawks, owls and foxes just in the past month.  On a recent dark and rainy day, my attention was drawn to a murder of crows badgering what I thought was a hawk.  The bird got tired of being harangued and flew out of the woods, across our drive and landed on the edge of the tree line.  That was when I realized it was a barred owl.  It stayed so long, I finally decided to get my camera.  At one point, it flew down to the edge of the driveway, which is when I took this photo.

Tomorrow, I’ll post another photo of an animal the crows told me was in the area.

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