Thursday, April 14, 2011


I feel sorry for any person who never had the opportunity
to look through a kaleidoscope as a child.  They are endlessly fascinating, morphing into completely different patterns with just a slight turn of the tube.  Reflections hold a similar fascination for me with the fluidity of a watery surface constantly changing the patterns before you.  Patterns on relatively still water can be just as interesting as the patterns on water disturbed by wind, wave or even a boat wake. 

You will have the least success filming reflections when the sun is directly in front of you, because the light will “burn out” the water, causing it to be almost void of any patterns.  With the sun at your back, however, reflections are much more visible.  Reflections are also better if you look for them in shady areas.
They are the source of some of the best abstract images I have taken.

This image was taken along a shoreline where I had seen a muskrat swimming.  It ducked underwater just as I had the camera ready to take a picture.  As I waited for it to reappear (which it never did), I noticed the reflection over the same area.  The reflection turned out to be a much more worthy subject for my camera.

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