Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Saga Continues

I thought yesterday’s story was going to be the end of it,
but then the two lovebirds re-entered the picture, so to speak.  I hadn’t kept track of the pair of Great Blue Heron (GBH) and while I wasn’t watching they had gone up river a ways.  When I spotted them again, they were flying together over the shoreline heading back in my direction.  They either saw the GBH from yesterday’s account fly out over the river or they spotted the dying fish on their own.  In any event, they also dropped down to investigate the fish.  It only took them a second to decide they were not interested and they continued on, flying to the other side of the river directly opposite from where I was standing.

I thought the two were going to land there, but they circled around a couple of times and decided not to land.   Instead, the lead bird began to fly directly toward me with the second close behind.  As they drew closer, I thought to myself, “They have got to realize I’m standing here,” but they just kept on coming.

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