Monday, April 18, 2011

I Need to Back the Story Up A Little

Earlier on the morning described in yesterday’s post,
I noticed two Great Blue Herons (GBH) that seemed to be a mated pair.  Everywhere the one went, the other followed.  I first noticed them landing in the trees down river.  While it is not uncommon, it is always kind of weird to see a wading bird with such long legs, perched in a tree.  There is a spot in the area where they were landing that has a large horizontal branch (see arrow)  that sits out from the surrounding foliage and makes a good site to look out over the river.  Occasionally, the sun will find it’s way through the trees and spotlight just that one branch.  It can be pretty dramatic to see a heron standing in a spot of sunlight surrounded by trees in deep shadow.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the two lovebirds (pun intended), but they will re-enter the continuing saga later in the week.

This, admittedly is a poor photo.  I added two arrows so that you can at least determine where the GBH’s are located in the photo.

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