Saturday, December 17, 2011

Enter the Lovebirds

Continuing with yesterday's post -

I thought when the great blue heron returned to the dock that that was the end of it.  But, almost immediately, two other herons I had seen together all morning, appeared out of nowhere to also inspect the dying fish (which I think was dead by this point since it was no longer splashing around).  They didn't come down directly over the fish as the first heron had, but circled around looking at it from maybe fifty feet above. 

During the summer, after the nesting period is over (this incident occurred in June, so it was well past nesting season), I have found it unusual to see two herons in close proximity that weren't trying to kill each other (and I am speaking strictly from personal experience, which may not align with any study of the heron's life cycle).  So, to see these two constantly following each other that morning was unusual in itself.  There is no difference in the plumage between a male and female, so it was anyone's guess which was the male and which was the female.  I think males are suppose to be slightly smaller.

Once they decided they were not interested in the fish either, they headed for the far shore directly across from where I was filming.  I thought they were going to land there, but the lead bird seemed indecisive and, instead of setting down, they next did something completely unexpected.  More about that tomorrow.

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