Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kungfu Ducky

Never mind the panda.  Watch out for kungfu ducky!  Notice how well fed he is.  Can you hear the voice of Jack Black?  Wouldn't he make a great addition to a holiday dinner table? Mallards are the largest of the dabbling ducks.  Dabbling ducks are found in environments where they can reach the bottom by tipping up on end.  So unless they are resting, you won't see them out on deep, open water.  The pair in "The Art of Compromise," my post from a couple days ago, were resting out in open water on the Bay before they took off.  That in itself was a little unusual.  On the other hand, stretching is pretty typical behavior for Mallards.  They like to stretch by lifting their feet straight out behind them - unless they are so fat, they can't quite get their foot straight back.

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