Monday, August 27, 2012

What is the subject?

I intentionally took this photo to use on the blog to illustrate something about photos that anyone taking pictures should keep in mind.  Just about the tiniest thing in the picture is that little red spot.  I couldn't tell what it was until I "zoomed in" on it on the computer.  It turned out to be a fishing bobber.  But, think about it.  Didn't your eye go immediately to it when you first looked at the photo?  And, even if you didn't see it immediately, aren't you having a difficult time looking at anything else as your eyes keep going back to that stupid little red spot?

Keep that in mind when you are taking pictures.  Sometimes it can be a colored object like this photo or sometimes it might be something like an overly bright spot in the background that keeps pulling your attention away from the main subject. Always look around the frame and make sure there are no unnoticed distractions that might ruin you image.

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