Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Its a Big World After All

I'm always showing osprey in commanding shots, mostly full-frame photos.  I thought I would show you one in it's environment and how small they really are in that context. If you were there you might even miss it passing by and, believe me, many people who are doing things like fishing or kayaking do miss seeing them.  Maybe people have their mind on something else, but you would think they would notice something like a big 'old eagle flying right out in front of them.  Not.

Same shot, closer in.  Is that really a golden fish, er, a goldfish?

Why, yes it is.  I have to wonder if these gold and red carp they routinely catch are native or whether it is the result of somebody throwing the kid's pet goldfish in the river when they get tired of taking care of them.

I'm reminded of a funny story when I was a kid.  Somehow my mom got hooked into taking care of my cousin's goldfish while he was on vacation one summer.  My mom decided to keep the things in her bedroom so we chillin's wouldn't mess with 'em.  But they drove her crazy gulping air at the surface night after night. (No good deed goes unpunished.) 

The following summer, my cousin asked her to watch them again. What to do? We lived in a rural area and had a spring-fed cow pond out in the pasture where we would transplant fish we caught if they were still living when we got them home.  After a while, we had a nicely stocked pond. My mom suggested to my cousin that it would be great to put them in the pond and he could enjoy seeing them anytime he came to visit.  My cousin agreed.  So five sweaty kids and mom with the fish bowl march down to the pond where she promptly "released" them into the wild.  And IT DID promptly get wild as fish raced in from all over the pond and went after the goldfish.  I don't think any survived the first five minutes! So, just saying - it could happen...

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