Sunday, August 19, 2012


I caught an eagle trying to sneak a fish past me the other day.  Unlike osprey which almost without exception hold the fish aerodynamically in a head forward position, eagles don't much care how they hold the fish.  Backwards, forwards, by the head - it doesn't seem to matter to them at all.

Eagles weigh anywhere from ten to fourteen pounds.  While the fish isn't anywhere near that heavy, it is still a pretty heavy load to be carrying.

My wife and I have done a lot of fishing over the years and I have seen most of the species that can be caught locally.  Species in this section of the river consist (at this time of year) mainly of catfish, carp, white perch and small striped bass.  This fish is none of those.  My brother did catch a red drum the other day, but they have a rather large spot on the tail, and I think you would be able to see it if this were one.

I like the shadow of the eagle on the roof of the house.  While that wasn't planned, I did react fast enough to get a picture of it, which surprised even me.  It almost looks like the eagle is getting ready to land, but it didn't.  It continued on until it reached this side of the river where it landed in a tree.

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