Thursday, August 23, 2012

Take a Break

It is rare to see all three osprey young of late.  I think they are all fine, but they have scattered over a larger area.  I have seen two as recently as yesterday.  In fact, they act like they would like to kill each other or at minimum drive one or the other away.  I have been assuming the one pictured, which stays close to the original nest, is the runt.  I may be wrong, however.  It successfully fended off another chick yesterday and didn't seem intimidated by it.

I watched it make eight or ten dives to try to catch a fish.  I lost track, it dove so many times.  It was thoroughly soaked and came back to the sycamore tree to rest. I can't help but think of a youngster who has stayed in swimming too long with blue lips and shivering being told by his mother to sit down for a while and warm up with a towel draped over his back and pulled in at his waist.  That is exactly what this photo reminds me of.  Of all the osprey I have seen, this is the only one that I have seen routinely hold it's wings out like this so it can dry out.  It is something you see in other species, but this is the only osprey I've seen regularly do this.

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