Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Flight Shots of the Sandhill Crane

I wanted to do one last post of some of the flight shots I took. If you remember, I related how a woman had stopped to talk and the crane took off while we were talking. It is very dissatisfying to try to talk to someone and also attempt to shoot a bird in flight. I know; it has happened to me several times. But, I did the best I could under the circumstances, trying to keep the bird within the frame. On the positive side, the bird flew through an area that made a good background.  It could have been houses and telephone lines in the background.  I just wish I could have savored the moment without the distraction.



Sandhill Cranes are monogamous birds, mating for life.  You have to wonder what one lonely bird is doing way out of it's range. Did it get blown off course in a storm?  Did it intentionally migrate to the East coast? Did it lose it's partner? Does it know it is way off course? Does it care? Does it wonder why it is not seeing any others of it's own species? Is it content to stay here until next spring or will it head west and meet up with others of it's kind? All questions that cannot be answered, but still I cannot help but wonder about.

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