Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oh, Canada!

One of the few waterfowl that have been easy to find over this winter has been the Canada Goose. Whether they have been resident geese or visitors from Canada is another question. There must be some way of telling the difference between the two because Maryland  hunting laws make a distinction. Since I don't hunt, I am not aware of how to tell the two populations apart.

For a few days, I am going to simply post photos I have taken recently. I liked the ordered confusion in the first two images with geese taking off in different directions. That is something you don't normally see. They will normally all take off in the same direction.

The background in these last two photos may look "wild," but within sight of these geese is the Administration Building for one of the largest counties in the Washington area. One of the photos is a little "better" than the other because all of the heads of the geese can be seen.

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