Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Battle Royal

I don't think it was ten minutes after the event I described yesterday, than two more Canada Geese seemed to discover the pond.

They set down for a little peace and relaxation.

When a Mute Swan raises it's wings like the one in this picture, it is suppose to be a threat posture. I was not convinced of this because I had seen her exhibit this same posture when she was swimming near where I was standing. But she never made a move for me and there didn't seem to be any other animal life in the immediate area that might have provoked her. Maybe I should consider myself lucky she didn't come after me.

I say "she," but for all I know this is a male. I'm not sure there is any way to tell by markings. I did see this one sitting on what appeared to be a nest a month or so ago, so that is why I say she. I have never seen a second swan. Notice how many ducks got up and left the area between this photo and the last. She wasn't after them, but  they knew what was coming and they weren't going to hang around.

When she thought she was close enough to attack, she started running across the water. It seems to take the geese a few seconds to realize they are the target of her wrath.

They finally get the idea and take flight in a panic.

These two were so panicked, they actually flew through tree branches to get away. The swan never actually took to flight this time.

After that, everything was once again right with the world.

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