Thursday, March 19, 2015

More Recent Photos

Despite the cold and snow, I have tried to make time every day to film waterfowl because they are only here for a short time and then they are gone back north. Except for Mallards. I am not sure if they even migrate, but there is always some around no matter the time of the year. I like the way the background includes the edge of the pond and both the ice and snow.

I love this photo. No, the background isn't "wild" per se, but I feel it somehow contributes to the image rather than detracting. Then there are the pair of Mallards perfectly spaced and positioned so that nothing important is hidden. And, what's not to like about the colors? I have shot a lot of frames looking for a shot like this!

Doing the Hokey Pokey

Hopefully, I am not showing my age here, but I'm guessing most people are familiar with this song. That is what it reminds me of. You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out...

It looks like this female Mallard is taking off, but anyone familiar with this species knows that can't be true. While some species have to walk on water to get airborne, Mallards can jump right up from a complete stop. Zero to sixty in two seconds. She was just acting all crazy, bathing and apparently playing.

"You see a Man?"

This last image is an amusing look at two female Mallards sharing the top of a Wood Duck nesting box. All species of ducks at this time in late winter, just prior to nesting season, are pretty much paired up, so it was a little surprising to see these two "old maids."

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