Friday, March 20, 2015

And More Recent Photos

In search of open water

I liked the composition and framing of this image. Two search parties heading out in different directions. That is the iced-over surface of the pond, not snow.

Na na na na,
na na na na,
Bat Goose!

Think about it. The beauty and intricacy of feathers on any bird fascinates me. How could something so delicate be so functional in a world of harsh realities?

Like the image from yesterday, here is a pair of Mallards at a good angle for a photograph. I like the image but wish they were a little closer to the camera and a little further from the walkway which would have blurred the background more and been a little less distracting.

This pair of Wood Ducks spent an hour or more hiding just a few feet from me along the shore until they finally had had it and burst into the air and left. I was completely surprised and had no idea they were there. Sometimes it isn't just about the bird, but the bird in it's natural environment.

Action shots with flocks of birds are not all that easy to obtain. They may swim around for long periods of time before all deciding to fly. I refuse to do anything that might alter behavior such as jump, wave my arms, shout. I do not think that is ethical. I strive to always have a minimal impact on the subjects I film. These are Gadwalls dressed in their muted, tawny colors. Despite the lack of bold colors, they are beautiful when you see one close up.

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