Friday, March 27, 2015

More Recent Photos

If you guessed these are Green-winged Teal, you would be correct. It is hard to miss the neon green speculum on their wings.

I don't know how anyone can shoot a duck. They're so fast! You thought I was going to say, "They're so cute," didn't you? Well, yeah, there's that too. Teal must be really hard to shoot because they fly absolutely crazy. This image kind of gives you a hint of that. Notice how I almost missed them simply shooting with a camera!

This Mute Swan did me the favor of flying past the most photogenic spot on the entire pond. The rocks on the little hummock in the background always reflect a little more sunlight into the area. That tree in the background is showing beaver damage as do a couple other trees around the pond.

Red-winged Blackbirds are not very skittish and this male landed very close. I think it is a first year male based on the rusty feathers on it's back.

I don't particularly like the mud, but I did think the water reflections, the colors in the water and the tawny colors of the yellowlegs were beautiful. This is another bird that is not easily spooked.

Red-shouldered Hawks are pretty common throughout the Eastern U. S. Especially around swamps and marshes — which is where I saw this one.

I was able to get a few fairly nice flight shots by adding 1 full stop of exposure to the camera settings. It causes the sky to "burn out" but on a day of full sun, it is difficult to get a decently exposed bird in open sun without it.

The way the bird has it's tail artfully cranked to make turns caught my attention. There is nothing wrong with it's wing. It is just the angle the wing was at when the photo was taken. The light spots on the wings and the noticeable red shoulders pretty much confirm this bird's species.

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