Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On the Road Again

These are Horned Grebes in breeding colors. The photo was taken at the boardwalk in North Beach. I would never have known they were there if I hadn't kept up on a birding website that posts reports of what people are seeing throughout the area. If you want to film birds or if you would simply like to see unusual birds, keeping current on one of these sites is the way to go. I have also set up a subscription to Ducks Unlimited where I receive reports from hunters about waterfowl numbers and locations.

The salt marsh just outside of North Beach is beginning to come alive with summer migrants. These lesser Yellowlegs are beginning to show in good numbers. The goal I would like to achieve this summer is to obtain more flight shots. That is the best opportunity to capture unusual body language and interesting images. They are fast though and things are over almost before they have begun.

The dried up marsh grasses around the edges can really enhance the photos with their beautiful reflections in the water. A blue sky day can also really add to the photographs. I am not talking about this photo in particular, but it is something to look for if you are filming in this type of environment.

One of the heralds of summer are the Great Egrets. I saw this one yesterday flying deeper into the marsh. They should start showing up in greater numbers pretty quickly. Their smaller cousins, the Snowy Egrets, will also begin appearing soon.

One duck species that has been difficult for me to film this past winter is the Blue-winged Teal. It isn't a matter of not being able to find them, but being able to find them with their head out of water. I have never seen a duck that spends so much time with it's head underwater — unless you consider the Green-winged Teal which exhibits the same habit. The male is more colorful, but the blue on either male or female doesn't really show up until they are in flight.

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