Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Really Don't Know Clouds At All

There have been only a handful of days where I have been caught down at the river in the rain.  Of course, most of the time that is because I don't go if I know rain is forecast.  Not that I don't like rain.  In fact, I think it gives photos extra interest.  But, electronic cameras don't like to get wet and, while I have a little raincoat for the thing, I would still prefer not to take the chance of frying the electronics.

I did get caught in the rain a couple of days ago, although I had the presence of mind to bring my umbrella ("brolly" in the King's English).  In the first photo, you can see the rain coming, swooping down like a benign tornado.  There are not too many places in the East where you can see the rain coming and time its arrival.  My flight (in the Air Force) during basic training in Texas was marching one day and we could actually see the rain approaching as a torrential wall of water across the plain.  I thought for sure we were going to get soaked, but the T.I. (for Training Instructor; we didn't have drill instructors) halted the flight just in time for us to don our raingear.  No sooner had we done that than it started pouring. He could tell exactly how much time we needed.

While they look ominous, the clouds that morning were spectacular.  There wasn't any thunder or lightning associated with it, just unusual looking clouds.  I have a lot of cloud shots.  Not-run-of-the- mill clouds.  I only get interested in them when they are truly interesting to look at.  Plus, I can repurpose them as backgrounds or textures for other projects or pictures.

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