Saturday, April 28, 2012

When Opportunity Knocks - You Don't Have to Answer

Seagulls are opportunistic birds.  While their main diet may be fish, I have seen them also eat soft crabs, eels (well, okay, it dropped the eel when it realized what it was) and dead rodents floating down the river.  Anything to fill the hole in their hunger.  The other day, this seagull started to go after a sure meal and I was going to film it.  At the last second, though, it pulled up.  After looking at the image once I got home, I could see why.  If you look at the way the water is swelling and swirling, you can tell it was made by a much bigger fish than it could have handled.  That limitation keeps the seagulls from choking to death on a meal when it's eyes are bigger than it's mouth.

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