Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bald Eagle

This was one of the best opportunities I have ever had to film an eagle catching a fish.  Some readers may have seen this image before, although I don't think I have ever posted it on my blog.  If you look carefully a little more than a foot out in front of the eagle, you will see the white fish it is going to catch.  Would it spoil it for you if I told you the fish was already dead?  Eagles are carrion eaters and "a meal is a meal, no matter how small."

I saved a lot of money on a trip to Alaska to film eagles catching salmon.  Eagles are making a steady comeback from the brink of extermination.  I counted five on a recent morning when I knew where they all were at the same moment.  Otherwise, you can't be sure if you aren't seeing the same one again - unless it is a sub-adult with unusual markings which would be easier to identify.  They have mottled patterns and some have a lot of white streaking on their breasts.

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