Sunday, April 29, 2012

What The Hey?

Have you figured this one out yet?  I was filming a Great Blue Heron the other day that got so close, I couldn't contain his entire form within the frame.  But, I also knew if I tried to reposition the camera (it was on a tripod) into a vertical or portrait aspect, it would spook and fly.  To make matters worse, I was holding an umbrella over my head and knew that if I moved the umbrella, that would also spook it. So I started playing with different ways to capture parts of it.

The reason you may have been disoriented by the photo is that I turned the reflection right side up or upside down - however you want to look at it (no pun intended, but you can laugh if you're so inclined). The second frame, taken a second earlier, hasn't been tampered with.  Notice how the image grows sharper as it nears the source.  That is true of most water reflections.

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