Thursday, April 19, 2012

Downy Woodpecker

We have a lot of downy woodpeckers that come to the feeder.  I blend in a special woodpecker mix of seeds and nuts that keep them coming back.  Actually, it looks so good, I've been tempted to try it myself.  It includes bits of dried fruit and even exotic nuts like cashews.  I have never found a well-balanced commercial mix of foods that will attract a wide variety of birds, so I mix my own.

There are a couple of nearby trees that the woodpeckers like to go to that have little "shelves" where they can open a seed without dropping it.  It is usually where a branch has broken off and left a small hole in the side of the tree.  The red-bellies do this too, but they use a different tree.  In this image, I decided to remove the distracting background and simply show the tree (a river birch) and the bird.

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