Thursday, August 27, 2015

Be Our Guest

Over the years, we have had many different types of animals take up temporary residence in our bird house. One year, it was a rather long black snake who spent the entire summer. We even had a flying squirrel spend a couple of weeks sleeping there during the day. They are nocturnal. My wife took to feeding it every evening by putting peanut butter on the end of a stick with a walnut "glued" onto it. She would knock on the house and it would stick it's head out the hole and eat the nut. Until he came along, I didn't even know we had flying squirrels here. You may have them in your area too. You should google it.

Actually, it was my wife who noticed this Gray Tree Frog staring at us as we walked out to the car a couple of days ago. The birdhouse is situated close to the driveway. It put me in mind of another photo of the same species I took a couple of year ago. It is among my favorites for his zen attitude and smiling face that seems to say, "Have a happy day."

In all the years the birdhouse had been there — I'm guessing something like twenty — Nuthatches used it once to raise a family.

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