Saturday, August 1, 2015

Not in My House!

The travel of Canada Geese from the river to farm fields in the morning and back again in the evening is a noticeable daily event. At least around our house it is as flock after flock flies over. That is true except for a few months from about March until July when they are raising babies that cannot fly. Once those young-of-the-year begin to fly, the regular commuting begins again.

Here it is July again and the flights have begun anew. These geese were flying out of the smaller pond on the other side of the railroad tracks from where I was filming. I know how aggressive the Mute Swan is towards Canada Geese and, as they flew over, I looked over to see if the swan was taking notice of their flight.

Not only did she take notice, but she had some advice for them. LOL!

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