Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Day in the Life

The pattern of the wave created by a boat wake caught my interest because of the odd way it was sweeping across this mud bar. Parts of the river bottom build up like this area and eventually become part of the shoreline. The water ahead of the wave is probably no more than an inch or two deep although you cannot tell it from this picture.

Tides affect fishing and a slack tide is not a very good time to fish due to low activity. These two young got the bright idea to sit on the top of an electric pole. They are looking out over the river which is directly across the street. Not a good idea! The birds can accidentally touch parts of the energized wires with their body and electrocute themselves. It happens all the time. Hopefully they don't make a habit of sitting here.

An adult has caught what appears to be another golden carp, which is pronounced "goldfish."

It is possible this is not a goldfish which got it's start in an aquarium shop, but that it is a naturally occurring fish . It is not quite as red as some of the ones I have seen. This is an adult Osprey, not one of the chicks.

This is one of the chicks scanning the river below and trying to hone his skills at catching fish. There are a lot of skills to learn in the three or four months before migration begins. Chicks actually do not return the year after they are born. They return the year after that.

This youngster reminds me of a human child that has been told by his mother to get out of the water and rest a while and warm up. The wings almost look like a towel that had been draped over it's body that it is holding close against him.

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