Monday, August 31, 2015

Where's Waldo?

I have noticed over the years that the smaller the bird, it seems the less afraid they are of humans. Because I am taking pictures of them pretty regularly right now, I am aware of how much honey is in the pot. In past years, though, I have had a hummingbird come right up in my face and hover. She was telling me the feeder was empty! I would have dismissed the idea, but she did it more than once.

Despite their bravery, at times they would prefer to hide from me on the backside of the feeder. You can see the little tail hanging below the bottom. She thinks she is hiding, but if you click back and forth on this picture and the last one, you will get a little "movie" that will make you laugh. Well, at least it made me laugh.

When they start using the back opening too often, I will set a little stone in it so that they have to use one of the visible openings. I have to try to stay one step ahead of these little critters.

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