Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hummingbird Oddities

I thought it would be interesting to point out a couple of odd things about a hummingbird's physical makeup that separate it from other birds. Unlike almost any other bird, when they are not in flight, their wings fold under the body below the tail, as in this photograph.

You may say it is because the bird was preening and lifted her tail to better attend to her feathers. But, if you look at this bird at rest, you can clearly see the wings are folded under the tail. It may have something to do with the length of it's wings. They are rather longer than other passerines.

I posted this image the other day, but I am using it again to show how a hummingbird scratches.

If you look carefully at the last photo and this one, you will see that it has brought it's leg up over the top of the wing to scratch instead of bringing it up underneath the wing. I have never seen any other bird do that.

Admittedly, not a good photo, but don't even get me started about their tongue...

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