Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Green Herons

The last time I was at the pond, I saw more Green Herons than I have ever seen at one time. I think some of the birds were parents and others were newly fledged.

Green Herons are some of the smallest herons, smaller even than the night herons. They will often hold their neck in against their body like the bird on the branch.

While the two were on the branch below, these two flew in and landed in a tree above the other two. Often when they land, they will excitedly extend their neck and raise their crown like the bird on the left.

The heron that is flying I'm guessing is the offspring of the two on the limb. Green Herons are monogamous through one breeding season. Unlike other herons, they don't tend to nest in colonies.

While I had my eyes on five different birds at one time, I heard the loud, single note call of a sixth bird in a tree directly over me. Their one-note call is distinctive.

There are two birds in this photo. They are smart enough to lure fish by using bait. They are known to drop bugs in the water in order to lure fish in close enough to catch them. That is a pretty smart bird!

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