Friday, August 21, 2015

A Hot Mess

Hummingbirds do some strange things. In fact, it can be just as entertaining to watch them perched and preening as it is to watch them juke around at a feeder.

There is nothing like a good stretch!

I use to have a friend that would stretch like this. It looked like it hurt, but he always seemed to get a lot out of it.

 I believe they are beginning to molt and that is why they look so scruffy. It makes sense since they would have a nice new coat for their migration, which is coming up pretty quickly.

They have such amazing control over even the smallest feathers.

She reminds me of Madge on the Palmolive commercial. (I think it was Palmolive.) Oops! Am I dating myself?...

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  1. These are cute; ours in Ga. were different color...