Thursday, April 25, 2013

High key Images

One way to deal with bright sunlight is to try to go with it instead of fight it. By pushing most of the information to the lighter end of the tonal spectrum, it is possible to capture more detail in the image that would have been blown out. High key images tend to convey the idea of cheerfulness or joy.

Because the sky is so bright in the background, when the blossoms are recorded in lighter tones, the sky goes completely white and featureless. This allows the blooms to take center stage.

There are so many different things you can do with photography and I always try to keep the high key technique in mind, but the opportunities to use the method aren't always there.

By the third day, the colors were beginning to fade on the blooms. The weatherman was calling for heavy downpours overnight and I knew that was going to knock a lot of blossoms off the tree. The day kept going from cloudy to sunny and back again. I waited until the sun was out, but filmed petals that were in the shade.

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