Sunday, April 21, 2013

Talk About a Challenge!

This photo, which was another photo I retouched for the photo lab, taxed my ability to the max. I was asked to remove the crowd so that the bride and groom were alone in the image. Not only do you have to get rid of the people, you have to recreate what is behind them. That is not even to mention the perspective problems with all the lines in the ceiling and the floor. It was a real challenge!

The result wasn't perfect, but the couple was delighted and I'm sure the wedding photographer wished he gotten the image in camera to begin with.

Here is a little story I read the other day in a photography magazine that I can really relate to. The question was asked: "What's the oddest thing a client ever asked you to do?" One photographer responded with the following: "A lady came into my studio with a photo of her sister. She wanted me to copy the photo for enlargements and when I did, turn her sister around so she could see her face. After all, she had the negative." 

That had me laughing. Kind of like this picture. Take out the crowd so we can see the background.

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