Saturday, April 20, 2013

Photo Restoration

Teaching myself photo editing as a hobby in my spare time paid off in a way I did not anticipate. After working for an organization for thirty-one years, I was fired when I refused to go into a decidedly unsafe area of the city. 

I ended up working as a contractor for a professional photo lab. They were making the transition from analog to digital and developed a backlog of work that needed to be digitized and retouched.

This image was originally a photo that was set in an oval frame that bulged slightly in the middle, making it spherical rather than flat. It was brought in by one of the lab's customers to be "fixed." It was approximately eighteen inches high, so it took a pretty big scanner bed to digitize it and created what, at the time, was a huge file.

Much of the work of restoration is a matter of being able to clone good information into bad areas. The main constraint was restoring the work in a minimum of time so that the job was profitable to the lab. I was pleased with the way this one turned out and I think the client was also.

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