Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saved for Posterity

I wanted to share one more post of some of the cherry blossom images. I took many, many more, but I thought you might enjoy the delicate beauty of a few of them before I move on to other subjects

By taking the right angle in this image, I was able to incorporate the colors of a redbud tree in the far background.

Sometimes I think they are just as pretty facing away from the camera.

One of the nicest things about photography is while the blossoms may already be gone, they will live on in the photographs taken of them and can be enjoyed at any time of year.

Sometimes a few voices can be just as beautiful as a choir.

One of the nice things about a DSLR is you don't have to settle for the light falling on the subject. You can meter something else that may not even be in the picture and lock the exposure for that scene, then use the meter reading for your actual photo. I metered something very dark. The camera then renders this dark tone as a middle gray. Any tone lighter than this is moved up scale, causing it to become lighter in the photo than it appears in the actual scene. In this case, it imparted the correct tone to the blossoms that were in shade while rendering the dark trees in the background much lighter than they actually were. Notice how all the colors compliment one another.

I wish I had thought of incorporating the sunset earlier on when the blossoms were in better shape. You can see some stems that are petal-less in this photo taken after the heavy rain knocked a lot of them down. Well, there is always next year...

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