Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Leaves

In a recent post, I spoke of getting bit by the leaf bug in the fall. Actually, I can get bit by that bug almost any time of year.  The nuthatches nest just as the leaves are unfolding in the spring and a couple years ago, two took up residence in a house I had built for them on the edge of the yard.  I would go out and film them almost every evening, but at that time of year, the sun was pretty low on the horizon by the time I made it out there. While I would wait for the birds, I would watch the sunlight shift from one patch of leaves to another, each one spectacular in it's own right. So, of course, I took pictures.

When you take a picture like this, you want to meter for the lightest area of the photo and let the rest of the tones fall into shadow if they going to.  It defeats the purpose of trying to capture the light if there is no detail in the leaves. It is always best to take pictures of leaves at their prime, which is right after they unfold and before they start to develop blemishes.  You can see one leaf that has a blemish already, just days after unfolding. In composing the picture, I knew that I wanted to bring the branch in from near the corner of the frame, but not exactly in the corner.

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